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From the very beginning, we collaborate closely, curating every detail to ensure that our creations align flawlessly with your vision.

We handcraft moodboards, select the finest linens, candles, and captivating finishing touches, all harmonizing together to create an enchanting symphony for your event.



Fragrances Launch

Bentley Fragrances takes us on a journey to Panama with a stunning new addition to Bentley BEYOND The Collection: warm, ambery woody Magnetic Amber, an inclusive fragrance for anyone with a taste for exclusive scents. 

Our floral arrangements elegantly reflected the brand's concept, seamlessly blending with the grandeur of the venue, creating a harmonious fusion of beauty and sophistication.

Images: Chris Perry Photos


Black Badge Ghost 

Black Badge Ghost lives after dark, igniting the rebel within. Powerful, agile, and fearless, it is the most potent manifestation of Rolls-Royce yet — a drive defined by unrelenting force and finesse.

In conclusion, our floral display for "Black Bagged Ghost" harmoniously blended imaginative design with a meticulous focus on branding alignment. It successfully encapsulated the essence of the concept, leaving guests enchanted and intrigued, while reinforcing the core message of the event.

Images: Leonardo Glingani


Fashion Launch

On 22nd February 2022, Altar London's first collection was launched.

In crafting these designs, I sought to channel not just the essence of the brand, but also the very spirit of one of my most adorable clients. Each bloom we meticulously fashioned is a testament to this synergy, a translation of the profound connection between creatives.


Tattoo Inspired Beauty

In the midst of the beauty launch, our blooms took center stage, embodying the fearless essence of this nonconformist journey. Each petal whispered a tale of audacious creativity, painting a picture of limitless expression. Like a bold stroke on a canvas, our florals celebrated a brand rewriting beauty norms, infusing the event with vibrant elegance.

Together, we transformed the beauty launch into a bold showcase of unique individuality.

We understand that each event is a reflection of its host, and that's why we give utmost attention to detail, ensuring that every element aligns perfectly with your vision.

Together, we will explore your event's potential, discuss your preferences, and outline how Liana Verderocce can create a truly memorable experience for you and your esteemed guests.
Let us transform your vision into an extraordinary reality.

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