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Delighted to meet you

I'm just a curious person, smitten by history, poetry, music, and tales spun in literature. Life led me on a charming adventure, like a story waiting to be written. Amidst this unfolding narrative, I stumbled upon my love for flowers and plants.

You could say it all started when my grandfather, an Agriculture Engineer  and  director  of an exuberant Brazilian Park, Cataratas do Iguaçú Falls introduced me to the botanical world.

My journey took me from the contemporary dance to the embrace of nature's wonders.

Under the tutelage of extraordinary masters, I dived into the art of floristry, absorbing wisdom from Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Russia, and Brazil. I yearned to unlock the secrets of the world's finest florists and create magic with blooms.
When I listened to the call that whispered from England, where I rooted myself in 2016. 

This road of discovery is ongoing, and here's one of my secrets: I use my unique background to infuse life into the visions you entrust me with. It's a story of passion, collaborating to breathe life into your visions.

Where skilled florists and I weave tales with flowers. Your dreams, entrusted to my hands, inspire my art. Your moments, shared and celebrated, paint the portrait of my inspiration. The fuel for my creativity. The happiness of my soul.


Liana Verderocce

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